lavender cafe Solva

Lavender Cafe in Solva SA62 6UU provides local affordable foods throughout the year


Lavender Jelly


2.5 kg/6 lb cooking apples
2250 ml/5 pt water
2.5 kg/5 lb sugar
5 tbs lemon juice
3 handfuls lavender flowers


Wash and chop the apples including the peel and cores.  Place in pan with water, bring to rolling boil simmering until pulpy – approx 30 minutes.  Pour into jelly bag and leave to drip over night.  Do not squeeze the bag or the jelly will be cloudy.  Measure the juice: add 800 g/1 lb to each litre/pint of juice.  Place juice, sugar and lavender in pan.  Bring to boil and boil steadily for about twenty minutes then test for a set by putting a tspn of jelly onto a cold plate.  Skim off the surface scum and stir in the lemon juice.   Allow to stand for five minutes so that the lavender spreads throughout the jelly then pour into warm sterilized jars.   Label and leave to cool.

Bee collecting Pollen


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