lavender cafe Solva

Lavender Cafe in Solva SA62 6UU provides local affordable foods throughout the year



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A Place to Dream

I sat and dreamed that it would be possible to live here amidst
the lavender fields and in my mind I go back there often!

Round every corner is a still life
in the lavender season in Sault.

Red Hot Chillies!

These are the type of chilli I use when I am making the chilli jelly to go in our brie and sun-dried  tomato paninis.   As I chop them up I think about them drying against the tree trunk in the warmth of the midday sun.

Delicious Organic Cheese

Imagine this gorgeous hunk of cheese  with a glass of red wine and crusty  home-made bread!   Not exactly good for the figure but wonderful for the  palette.


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